MatrixETF AMA with @dudearmy

On September 9th, MatrixETF was pleased to be invited by @dudearmy(TG) to join their AMA, of which Alan-CTO of MatrixETF was the speaker. The community members and the host were enthusiastic, thanks everyone for supporting this AMA. We have chosen 9 questions from thousands of questions. Here are the questions and answers as below:

Q1: How will the personal fund of Matrix ETF work?

A1: In future we will promote customized funds for different users to support decentralized fund products, thanks.

Q2: Could you tell us about the MatrixETF Token Airdrop Activity of 200,000 MDF. Is there still an opportunity to participate and win part of these rewards? What other activities do you have to reward the community? When will $MDF be available in DEX or CEX?

A2: Good question, For appreciating all seed users and support, as well as attracting more users to join our crypto community, we decided to do a big Token Airdrop activity of 200,000MDF (MatrixETF Governance Tokens).

Since the last time we have done the first airdrop activity in the open test, this time is our second airdrop with rich rewards. In future we would like to do more airdrop activities for MatrixETF users, the earlier you join the MatrixETF community and get Matrix NFT, the more possibility you will be the winner in airdrop activity.

Well you still get the chance to get airdrops, which will end on 09/9 20:00(UTC-7). We will open more activities to contribute to the community such as hosting first Airdrop, Genesis NFT and so on. The MDF which airdrop can be used in both DEX and CEX.

Q3: I understand that the difference between traditional ETFs and MatrixETF is that they will only focus on the crypto market, but if they only focused on that market, then why is MatrixETF planning to launch several ETFs? Will they develop several for different uses?

A3: The hotspot in crypto market is really a lot, from BTC to ETH smart contract to DAPP to DeFi, Gamefi, NFT etc…the trend is with a lot of changes . In this case MatrixETF will launch an ETF with the movement of market to meet various requirements, we will bring value to our investors.

Q4: What security does MatrixEFT offer us in the financial world? What security system will you use to make it a reliable and safe project?

A4: First of all, all of our contracts have been seriously audited by audit companies. Next we will make a time lock to our key contracts, every movement we will execute and publish it online, finally we will get through the community’s eye. so it will be super safe with all processes.

Q5:I’m wondering if MatrixETF has any plans to expand to corporate companies. Will there be SDK support and toolkits for fund managers and corporate companies looking to create their own ETFs on MatrixETF?

A5: Yes we are planning to cooperate with more DeFi projects and institutions to work with the ETF, in the 3rd phase we will build an SDK toolkit to fund managers and companies, which can be used to create their own ETFs and bring incomes to ETF holders.

Q6: How do MatrixETF’s automated ETF portfolios differ from traditional digital portfolios? Does it offer more profit rates, why should people trade ETFs on MatrixETF?

A6: Our ETF portfolio is different from ordinary digital portfolios. We will cooperate with more high-qualified DeFi projects to bring more extra incomes, in future our ETF will add the automated adjustment function to ensure the net value increases. You can buy our ETF in one click, after that you can not only obtain a basket of tokens, but also avoid the risks. Btw if you buy our ETF, in the near future you can participate in our farming and pool mining etc.

Q7:What are the main crypto asset types that make up the MatrixETF ETFs initially? In what way will they be selected? Will it be selected by the project’s team of experts or will this be put to a vote within the community?

A7: The initial fund of MatrixETF are based on ETH and Solana, as the example of DeFi eco-fund, we choose the component tokens to combine to our ETF product as below:

Methods:fundamental weighted method, which is weighted by 70% of the circulation market value and 30% of the fundamentals.


The price and circulating supply of each token are obtained through CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, and the circulation market value is determined by multiplying the price of each token by the circulating supply.

When considering the fundamentals, it will be analyzed from the economic model of the token, the development of the project, the security of the agreement, the transaction risk of the token, and the community foundation (please see the “Standards of an ETF” below).

The figure below is an illustration of MDI:

Q8: I’m wondering if MatrixETF has any plans to expand to corporate companies. Will there be SDK support and toolkits for fund managers and corporate companies looking to create their own ETFs on MatrixETF?

A8: In the initial phase MatrixETF will launch a variety of conceptual ETFs for tracking high-qualified Token in the field of blockchain and DeFi.

Even MatrixETF created these ETFs, however we will provide governance rights to the community. At the same time, we will provide SDK toolkits to professional fund managers, investment institutions and influencers in order to create their own ETFs.

SDK can greatly increase the fund freedom, from where ETF creators can manage funds flexibly and efficiently, as well as gain extra incomes from assets and the DeFi ecosystem.

We have collaborations with Chainlink, Polygon, Solana etc, at the same time we will have more partners coming. Around before or after IDO launch, we will share more details of ETF products which will include the potential partners. Please stay tuned and keep a close eye on it!

Q9:You say that users come up with various investment strategies quickly and easily participate in DeFi finance for income and incentives, and in this way users can make their fortune. But could you tell me about the different investment plans that I have? Is there a minimum and maximum amount that users can start with? Also, what are the types of activities that you accept on your platform?

A9:Very good question!

Once users buy ETF products, they can own a basket of Tokens, also they can obtain LP handling fees and mining rewards, which is out of setting up the max and min asset amounts.

ensure the security of user’s assets and users can use DeFi toolkit, which means they can participate in DeFi income such as xSushi Staking, lending Compound/AAVE and other quant strategies to combine portfolios etc.

Recently we are on our way to develop the toolkit, in the future we will share more updates with all of our users.

This AMA has been successfully done with the effort of Dude and Miami, thanks for @dudearmy(TG) arrangement! Looking forward to hearing more about our collaboration.

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MatrixETF is the next generation of decentralized ETF platform to run the cross chain,which goal is to establish a decentralized, automated, personalized and diversified portfolio for users, as well as help users easily enjoy long-term, stable and efficient financial services.

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The Next Generation of ETF, Cross Chain Enabled. Website: App:

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