How to check and sell/buy Matrix Genesis NFT on Opensea?

4 min readAug 19, 2021

Since last week we have distributed MatrixETF Genesis NFTs, first of all we want to congratulate those 48 lucky winners! Some of users are wondering how to sell and buy NFTs on Opensea, so today we will interpreter how to operate NFT on Opensea detaily to all MatrixETF lovers.

About MatrixNFT

MatrixNFT is the NFT collection platform of MatrixETF, the objective is to increase the liquidity and motivate users to take part in community’s construction, in addition to enriching and improving crypto market ETF ecosystem.

MatrixNFT Rights

Users can enjoy all kinds of rights on MatrixNFT, which includes:

  • Reducing handling fee
  • Token Airdrop
  • Increasing farming income
  • Dao Governance
  • ID Certificate
  • Initial Product Experience
  • Priority Access to Products
  • Launching ETF funds
  • Collection Value

About Operation On Opensea

For the 48 lucky winners who have received Genesis NFT (check to see if you’re the lucky one: NFT Winner List). Connect your MetaMask wallet where you have received Genesis NFT and choose Ethereum Mainnet on Opensea.

  1. Click “My Profile” and you will see how does your Genesis NFT looks like

2. Click the Genesis NFT card, then goto the card page, you can see the “Properties” of you Genesis NFT, you can see Tier, Type and Theme


Type:Genesis NFT


3. Click “Sell” and select your sell method, you have 3 choices: Set Price, Highest Bid, Bundle, normally Bundle is not necessary

  • Set Price:

First you can set the start price which Will be on sale until you transfer this item or cancel it. Note: 0.10 is the average price of TrumpChick — 74t8bQzF6X this week (0.0% compared to last week). Furthermore you can choose to active “Include ending price” or “Schedule for a future time” or “Privacy”, which all depend on your personal preference

Then you can post your NFT on listing for sale, there will be 3 times confirmation asking the approvals on Metamask

  • Highest Bid

You can set Minimum Bid and Reserve price to start your bid price, which will be publicly visible and create a hidden limit by setting a reserve price, meanwhile if you receive a bid price between minimum bid and reserve price, you can accept it anytime. If you don’t receive a bid equal or greater than reserve price, the auction will end without any sale. Furthermore you can set up an Expiration Date, your auction will automatically end at this time and the highest bidder will win. By the way there is no need to cancel it.

Then you can post your NFT on listing for sale, there will be 3 times confirmation asking the approvals on Metamask.

4. After setting the sell price or highest bid, you can have a check on “Offer” and “Trading History” to see if there is anyone who wants to buy your NFT.

5. If you want to buy user’s Genesis NFT, you can input “MatrixETF Genesis NFT” to search and click “Buy”.

Here is the detailed interpretation about how to sell and buy NFT on Opensea, if you have any more questions about how to operate Opensea, please feel free to contact us.

About MatrixETF

MatrixETF is the next generation of decentralized ETF platform to run the cross chain,which goal is to establish a decentralized, automated, personalized and diversified portfolio for users, as well as help users easily enjoy long-term, stable and efficient financial services.

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