MatrixETF AMA with @CryptoRankEn

On September 6th, @CryptoRankEn (TG)held an AMA in their community with the CTO of MatrixETF(Alan) about our project. There were 3 parts of this AMA: 3 Intro questions+3 Twitter questions+4 Community live questions. First of all, thank you everyone for joining in this AMA, thank you @CryptoRankEn for invitation and arrangement. Secondly we have chosen 6 lucky winners for total $150 rewards, congratulations to all of them! The rewards will be distributed in 3 days.

Intro questions

Q1: Welcome Alan! Could you please tell us more about yourself and your experiences?

A1: Hello everyone, I am Alan, CTO of MatrixETF. It’s a pleasure to be invited by CryptoRankEn to join this community AMA. First of all let me introduce myself in a brief way: I graduated from Ontario Institute of Technology, used to be Technical Director of multiple blockchain projects.

There are 11 team members in MatrixETF which include 6 engineers and 5 Marketing staff.

As early as 2017 we have joined the blockchain field such as investing in BTC/ETH and participating in EOS、NEO、TRX、BNB fundraise.

We have rich experiences on blockchain projects such as: writing crypto investment reports, managing operation teams, designing token economic models, designing product formulate, developing Solidity/Rust smart contracts etc.

We’ve established a crypto fund in 2019 with 5,000,000 USDT, we’ve used unique quant strategy and market trend analysis for helping investors obtain an Annualized rate of return of 30%。

Crypto market has been developed in 2020 on DeFi projects such as COMP、YFI、UNI、AAVE, we can go through Farming, AMM, Farming, Vault Aggregator to improve the value of Token, which enrich the crypto market’s ecosystem by getting away of speculation.

As time goes on we found the crypto market is getting more and more mature, there is a huge chance for DeFi ETF. In this case we have built MatrixETF team with our technical and investment experience at the beginning of 2021, to start over the crypto DeFi ETF field.

Q2: Can you tell us about MatrixETF platform? What problems do you solve, both in the space and for the community?

A2: MatrixETF is a cross-chain enabled and decentralized ETF platform, our goal is to achieve decentralized and stable wealth growth. MatrixETF will provide users with various and automated ETF portfolios to lower the threshold of crypto investment and realize financial implementation.

As we mentioned above, MatrixETF originated from our team thinking about the blockchain field.

Along with the hotness of the DeFi market, more and more investors are focusing on the crypto market. Although for the beginner the DeFi market is not friendly enough, investors not only need to choose potential and valuable projects from DeFi market, but also need to get through complicated workflows such as wallet exchange, verifying smart contracts, high Gas fees etc.

For the ordinary users, less is more, we can easily invest by not need to deeply understand the complicated workflow. This is why the index investment value of DeFi ETF is becoming more and more obvious.

Index investment doesn’t need investors understanding the specific asset, but requires them to have a general understanding of the whole market. Everyone can invest their assets on the ETF index to gain profit from various portfolios, which will be the best investment way of “ invested then forgot it”, meanwhile it’s MatrixETF vision as well.

Q3: Could you shortly describe the milestones MatrixETF platform has achieved, and about your upcoming plans?

A3:There are 4 phases on MatrixETF product development:

Phase1:Platform Self-created Funds

Phase2:Support for Adding Derivatives

Phase3:DAO Community Governance

Phase4:MatrixETF Components

Nowadays MatrixETF is in the first phase, in future we will promote more conceptual ETF to track high qualified Tokens in the DeFi industry.

In the phase 3 to 4, we will gradually hand the governance right to our community, at the same time, MatrixETF will provide SDK toolkits to professional fund managers & institutions and influences, in order to create their own ETF.

This modular SDK can greatly improve the fund freedom, and ETF creators can efficiently manage funds and gain extra incomes by using this toolkit to invest in the DeFi ecosystem.

Recently MatrixETF has deployed smart contracts on both Solana and Ethereum, and we have successfully done our first phase of testnet. We planed to officially launch more than 2 ETF products before the end of September, which include 1 Ethereum based ETF and 1 Solana based ETF. In future we will deploy products on more public chains such as BSC、Polygon、Near in order to meet more users’ investment demands.

On September, we will do 3 more significant stuffs:

  1. Launching IDO and listing Token sale
  2. Announcing an Active ETF with the hotspot on investment market
  3. Launching a mysterious function before or after IDO

Let’s stay tuned and wait for it together!

Twitter Questions

1. @Ductrung753951: Can you point to a feature that you like best on the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about about your background? Do you have a plan to get users to choose your platform?

A1: Compared with other platforms, well our advantages are focusing on Cross-chain enabled, customized fund creation, Aggregator Vault etc. Customized ETF is the feature we like most on MatrixETF, in the future MatrixETF will develop an SDK toolkit to provide for professional fund managers/ institutions and influencers, they can create their own ETFs. This kind of modular SDK makes fund issuance.

Management as easy as Lego bricks, which greatly improve the fund freedom and provide extra income for users.

Our background as you can see are strong and stable with a high reputation, such as Solana Eco Fund,Spark Digital, CMS, Divergence Ventures etc,

they have done enough researches and audits and finally chose MatrixETF.

Yes we do have the plan to attract users to choose MatrixETF, we are doing airdrops and have successfully done opentest, in future we will combine NFT with ETF, and provide governance and voting rights to our seed users etc.

2. @truongtran0305: What is the next big step for your project?

A2: Good question, our next big step for MatrxiETF is officially launching IDOs on more than 2 platforms before the end of this month, Also we will launch MatrixETF a mysterious function, please stay tuned!

3. @alliswater88: 1. number of MDF token. 2. on eth or anther ? 3.MDF tokens will burn?

Number of MDF token: 1000,000,000

They will be on Ethereum and Solana, MDF is fully or value and incinerable.

There is an incineration of MDF on our platform, we will provide part of profits for users to buy back MDFs, which will be used for burning and realize Deflation.

Community Live Questions

Q1:Do you have AUDIT credentials or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

A1: yes we have provided the code to audit company, planning with audit result on next month, we will inform everyone once there is an au update, thanks.

Q2: I think NFT is really Popular topic for NOW What is your opinion regarding NFT?

A2: Yes NFT is one of the most popular topic on the crypto market, we keep focusing NFT field as well, in future we planned to combine NFT with ETF, in order to promote a valuable and collective NFTs to users. Based on this we launched MatrixNFT and create Genesis NFT Drop, we will keep developing NFT collections including Blind boxes, Farming NFT, Dao NFT etc, pls stay tuned!

Q3: Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

A3: You can buy our tokens on MatrixETF after IDO, well since now we havn’t launched officially yet, we will launch officially on the end of this month, pls stay tuned!

Q4: I would like to know about the usecase of Your tokens ?can I do staking and earn a passive income?

A4: Cool, you can see our usecase as below, you can staking and earn a passive income in MatrixETF which appeals to Crypto Beginners and professional users. Crypto Beginners can buy ETF, NFT and participating in Staking to gain income, well professional users can not only buying ETF but also using toolkits on MatrixETF, as well as create their own ETF and participating in DeFi ecosystem. Thanks

Well I think those are my answers, if you have more questions, pls feel free to ask on MatrixETF’s channel. Thank you for @FreddyMat arrangement!

About MatrixETF

MatrixETF is the next generation of decentralized ETF platform to run the cross chain,which goal is to establish a decentralized, automated, personalized and diversified portfolio for users, as well as help users easily enjoy long-term, stable and efficient financial services.

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The Next Generation of ETF, Cross Chain Enabled. Website: App:

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