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On September 18th, MatrixETF was honored to be invited by @solanium_io to join their AMA, TG location: @solanium_io_chat. Alan-CTO of MatrixETF was the speaker. The community members and the host were enthusiastic, thanks everyone for joining this AMA. There were 2 parts of AMA with 8 Intro Questions and 3 Online Questions. Congratulations to the 3 Best Memes who can gain $50 each.

Intro Questions

Q1: Can you tell us a bit more MatrixETF and the team?

A1: Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here. Thanks for the invitation!

I am Alan — -CTO of MatrixETF, thanks for the invitation!

As you know MatrixETF is a decentralized ETF with cross-chain enabled platform, our goal is to establish a decentralized, automated, personalized and diversified portfolio for users, as well as help users easily enjoy long-term, stable and efficient financial services.

First of all let me introduce myself in a brief way: I graduated from Ontario Institute of Technology, used to be Technical Director of multiple blockchain projects.

There are 11 team members in MatrixETF which include 6 engineers and 5 Marketing staff.

As early as 2017 we have joined the blockchain field such as investing in BTC/ETH and participating in EOS、NEO、TRX、BNB fundraise.

We have rich experiences on blockchain projects such as: writing crypto investment reports, managing operation teams, designing token economic models, designing product formulate, developing Solidity/Rust smart contracts etc.

We’ve established a crypto fund in 2019 with 5,000,000 USDT, we’ve used unique quant strategy and market trend analysis for helping investors obtain an Annualized rate of return of 30%。

Crypto market has been developed in 2020 on DeFi projects such as COMP、YFI、UNI、AAVE, we can go through Farming, AMM, Farming, Vault Aggregator to improve the value of Token, which enrich the crypto market’s ecosystem by getting away of speculation.

As time goes on we found the crypto market is getting more and more mature, there is a huge chance for DeFi ETF. In this case we have built MatrixETF team with our technical and investment experience at the beginning of 2021, to start over the crypto DeFi ETF field.

Q2: Why did MatrixETF choose Solanium as a launchpad?

A2: As we know, Solanium is the go-to platform for the Solana blockchain. Invest in the hottest Solana projects, stake your tokens, trade on our DEX, manage your Solana wallet and participate in our (future) governance.

As we know Solanium is one of the most popular IDO platforms on Solana, which has a fantastic team, products and token model. There is a wide market of users and a highly reputed community on Solanium, this is why we prioritize Solanium as our first choice launchpad.

Q3: Why did MatrixETF choose to build on Solana?

A3: MatrixETF is a DeFi project, we choose the to build on Solana of considering the underlying technology and product experiences, Solana has the advantages on:

One is high throughput and low latency.

Solana’s current theoretical tps can reach up to 50,000 times (60 nodes), and transactions can be completed in less than 1 second. This is in sharp contrast to the low throughput and high latency of today’s blockchains.

The second is low cost.

Solana’s gas fee is very low, with an average transaction fee of 0.00025, which lowers the user threshold and reduces our development and deployment contract expenditures.

The third is the number of users and growth. Solana’s user volume and TVL and other data growth rates are among the best. In only 3 months, the public chain’s TVL has achieved a 232% increase, occupying 1.8% of the market share. The most prominent performance was in August, with an increase of 138.8 %.

These are the reasons why we chose solana.

Q4: What is the Utility of $MDF Token?

A4: MDF is the governance token of MatrixETF community, including the following usage scenarios and utilities:

  • Participate in the governance of MatrixETF (DAO community governance)
  • Buy ETF products/ETFs
  • Improve values by getting profits from different ETF portfolios
  • Participate in liquidity mining to gain returns
  • Staking mining
  • Ecological value-added
  • Buy-back and destruction
  • Discounts in handling fees and other fees

Q5: Is there any competitor in the market and who do you consider as main competitors?

A5: Well we can name there is quite few competitors in the market such as PieDao/PowerIndex/NFTX, I think the main competitive advantages of MatrixETF are:

1. Cross-chain enabled

As we know each chain has its own character such as the fast speed, low Gas fee and good experience purchasing an ETF on Solana, such as the rich DeFi ecosystem, various assets and good experience purchasing an ETF on Ethereum.

MatrixETF allows cross-chain function on different chains, the goal is to catch high-qualified assets on different public chains in addition to providing more market choices and incomes to users. Nowadays MatrixETF has deployed smart contracts on Solana and Ethereum, and we have successfully done open test on our products. In our blue picture we plan to launch at least 2 ETF products on both Solana and Ethereum.

In future we will launch more ETF products on more public chains such as BSC、Polygon、Near、Heco in order to meet all kinds of user’s investment demands.

2. Customized ETF

In the initial phase MatrixETF will launch a variety of conceptual ETFs for tracking high-qualified Token in the field of blockchain and DeFi.

Even MatrixETF created these ETFs, however we will provide governance rights to the community. At the same time, we will provide SDK toolkits to professional fund managers, investment institutions and influencers in order to create their own ETFs.

SDK can greatly increase the fund freedom, from where ETF creators can manage funds flexibly and efficiently, as well as gain extra incomes from assets and DeFi ecosystem.

Q6: What does your roadmap look like?

A6: There are 4 phases on MatrixETF product development:

Phase1:Platform Self-created Funds

Phase2:Support for Adding Derivatives

Phase3:DAO Community Governance

Phase4:MatrixETF Components

Nowadays MatrixETF is in the first phase, in the future we will promote more conceptual ETF to track high qualified Tokens in the DeFi industry.

In the phase 3 to 4, we will gradually hand the governance right to our community, at the same time, MatrixETF will provide SDK toolkits to professional fund managers & institutions and influences, in order to create their own ETF.

This modular SDK can greatly improve the fund freedom, and ETF creators can efficiently manage funds and gain extra incomes by using this toolkit to invest in the DeFi ecosystem.

Recently MatrixETF has deployed smart contracts on both Solana and Ethereum, and we have successfully done our first phase of testnet. We planned to officially launch more than 2 ETF products before the end of September, which include 1 Ethereum based ETF and 1 Solana based ETF. In future we will deploy products on more public chains such as BSC、Polygon、Near in order to meet more users’ investment demands.

Q7: What are the types of project partnerships you are looking for to scale MatrixETF?

A7: As you know MatrixETF has quite a few partners such as Polygon,, Chainlink, PARSIQ, MXC, OKEX etc. For our future partner we are looking for sales and marketing collaboration, such as Heco,Avalanche,Near,BSC,Okchain. who we are on the way to communicate with, and we will have collaboration with Chainlink about technology, also we will cooperate with high-volume KOLs on co-marketing and other cooperation.

Q8:How do you plan to bring in mass adoption so users can start using your platform?

A8:For the ordinary users who have basic financial knowledge and rare blockchain technical background, it is kind of hard for them to catch the investment emphasis in the high speed crypto market. In order to let more ordinary users have the equal investment chance and lower the threshold of investment, we created MatrixETF for more users to gain stable and safe profits in a convenient way, which is kind of the future chance in the blockchain field.

The purpose of MatrixETF’s development of decentralized ETF products is to try new ways to realize innovative financial products. Therefore, in addition to the cryptocurrency market, we have also been thinking about how to integrate with traditional finance, such as adding stock index ETFs to products. At the same time, we have also established contacts with financial practitioners in universities in Canada and the United States. They may become our consultants and give us more suggestions and opinions.

Online Questions

Q1: Now a Days NFT is gaining popularity and it seems that NFT has a bright future. Do you have any plans to include NFT in your project?#MatrixETF

A1: ​​NFT is the most popular concept and trend in the crypto market, MatrixETF also keeps an eye on it, in future we will combine NFT with strategy to launch collective value and financial value NFTs.

A few days ago, we have promoted Matrix Genesis NFT drop, which includes 3 concepts (Coding/Rocket/Astronaut)in 4 tiers: R/SR/SSR/UR, in total is 48 GenesisNFTs. In the end the testnet community users and seed users have gained the GenesisNFT.

In the near future we will launch Gamefi fund to convenience one click investment. in addition we will cooperate with investment institutions to work on NFT market. Stay tuned with us hah

Q2: Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits? #MatrixETF

A2: You can join in IDO pre-selling even you can not buy the tokens now, before the end of this month we will launch tokens in CEX and DEX, that time you can buy our tokens freely.

Our contract is on the way audited by code audit company, you can have a look on github to check our contract. MDF is our governance tokens, you will have the participating rights and voting rights to govern community, also you can purchase funds, blind boxes, farming and pool farming even airdrops…

Q3: What are the benefits of taking part in your project ecosystem? I am an investor. Do you have liquidity mining or single side staking after launch? #MatrixETF

A3:There are many benefits of taking part in MatrixETF eco, such as for ordinary users can gain passive/active incomes by purchasing ETFs.For the fund managers/KOLs, you can create your own customized ETFs to gain handling fees and passive income.

MDF is the governance token of MatrixETF community functions include Participate in liquidity mining to gain returns and staking mining incomes, we will open Farming function in the near future.

You can check on this URL to see the details:

Winner Memes

Thank you everyone for the crazy creative and wonderful memes, there’s more submissions this time and every single one of them is so great!!

Here are the 3 Best Memes, congratulations to gain $50 each of them!


Thank you so much Solanium for making time for this AMA, let’s keep this Solanium Summer Hot!

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MatrixETF is the next generation of decentralized ETF platform to run the cross chain,which goal is to establish a decentralized, automated, personalized and diversified portfolio for users, as well as help users easily enjoy long-term, stable and efficient financial services.

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