MatrixETF Beta 1.0 Open Test Starts

After the whole team’s hard work in few months, the first vision of MatrixETF product has been already developed. For building the best DeFi ETF platform, we start MatrixETF APP beta open test.

The goal of beta open test is to get as much feedback as we can and improve the product function to present the best product experience for our users:

  • Familiarize community users with product and function

For encouraging our supports and initial seed users, we will provide rich rewards for this beta activity.

This is specific content of MatrixETF APP beta open test below:

The activity time:

2021/7/9/ 10:00–2021/7/23 10:00 (UTC-7)

The beta activity link

The rewards are:

  • Random USDT rewards for 100 people, each one can get $10

Token Airdrop Rewards are:

The steps of participating the beta open test activity:

1.Fill out the Activity application form link

2.Purchase, mint, transfer, redeem products on MatrixETF:

Reference: “MatrixETF Beta Open Test Activity Guide

3.Finish the task by adding MatrixETF telegram bot

4.During the open test, if you propose any bug, error and improvement, you can contact with MatrixETF social medias to have the chance to get extra rewards.

Any bug, error and improvement you can submit them here:

Valid user’s task:

In order to prevent unfairness of the beta activity by operations of bots, we have formulated the effective user rules for this activity, only the participants are valid and real can have the chance to get rewards.

Valid users need to go through the steps below:

  • Fill out Activity application form link

Note:Finish the above tasks by adding MatrixETF telegram bot.

Rewards collection methods:

1.After the beta activity, we will pick 100 wallet addresses randomly to distribute $10.

2.If you propose any bug or improvement during the beta activity to MatrixETF social medias, you will have the chance to get extra rewards.(10–200USDT)

3.After the beta activity, we will pick 48 lucky winners randomly to get Genesis NFT rewards.

4.Token Airdrops: there are 1,000 lucky winners who have completed the tasks will get Token Airdrops, which will be distributed in 15 days after MDF is released.

The official webpage has the final explanation of this beta open test activity.

About MatrixETF:

MatrixETF is the next generation of decentralized ETF platform to run the cross chain,which goal is to establish a decentralized, automated, personalized and diversified portfolio for users, as well as help users easily enjoy long-term, stable and efficient financial services.

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