MatrixETF Beta 1.0 Open Test Starts

  • Familiarize community users with product and function
  • Find out the bugs and propose the improvement plan
  • Get the feedbacks and suggestions of users

The activity time:

The beta activity link

The rewards are:

  • Random USDT rewards for 100 people, each one can get $10
  • For those who propose the bugs and improvements, we will provide them $10 up to $200
  • Genesis NFT: in total is 48 NFT, each NFT has the right of airdrop, handling fee free, mining income increasement etc.
  • Governance token airdrop: in total is 100,000, the token airdrop ranges from 50 to 1,000

The steps of participating the beta open test activity:

Valid user’s task:

  • Fill out Activity application form link
  • Follow Twitter
  • Retwitter the pinned beta activity post
  • Join in the Telegram group
  • Finish the interaction by following the steps of reference
  • Provide us your ETH/SOL wallet address

Rewards collection methods:

About MatrixETF:



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