MatrixETF Community Ambassador Point,Level & Ratio Announcement

MatrixETF Community Ambassador Point and Level Title Form
MatrixETF Community Ambassador Point、Level & Ratio Form
  • All community ambassadors will start from Pre-Ambassador, if you have accomplished tasks and reached up to 500 points, you will automatically become one of MatrixETF ArmyⅠ.
  • The ratio between points and $MDF will change according to the level, higher level is with higher exchange ratio.
  • MatrixETF level titles can be improved. If you want to improve your levels, it requires extra Points consumption, also you have to reach the corresponding Points. E.g: Abby is MatrixETF ArmyⅠ with 1000 Points now, if she wants to be MatrixETF Army Ⅱ. The upgrade will consume 200 Points resulting to Army’s Points to be 800 Points(1000–200), which the result points don’t meet MatrixETF Army Ⅱ requirement. In this case Army have to do more tasks to gain 200 Points in order to become MatrixETF Army Ⅱ; Sam has 1200 Points, which meets the demand of MatrixETF Army Ⅱ. Sam’s Points will become 1000 Points(1200–200) after upgrading. At the same time exchangeable MDF can be 1000 * 8 = 8000 MDF.
  • Awarded Points can be exchanged with $MDF(MatrixETF Governance Token) once a week.
  • Titles can be upgraded, however if you don’t keep the same performance in 2 months, your titles are possible to be downgraded.
  • Ambassadors with certain level titles, can have the certain community $MDF distribution rights every month.
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