MatrixETF Guideline of MDF Trading

4 min readSep 25, 2021


MDF has been listed on the platforms of Uniswap, Raydium and

Please read the MDF information before start your trade:

MDF is the governance token of MatrixETF.

MDF is a token deployed on Ethereum and Solana blockchain network, and its maximum supply limit is 1,000,000,000 tokens.

ERC-20: 623,000,000 MDF

SLP: 377,000,000 MDF

Token Contract Information:

Ethereum: 0x1a57367c6194199e5d9aea1ce027431682dfb411

Solana: ALQ9KMWjFmxVbew3vMkJj3ypbAKuorSgGst6svCHEe2z

For the detail information of MDF, please read this document below:

Guideline of MDF on Uniswap

Method 1:

Connect ETH wallet:

Click “Select a token” then Manage Token Lists and turn on Coingecko.

Turn off Manage page and Select a token searching for MDF then you can add trade pair.

Method 2:

Click and Connect ETH wallet:

Choose “Select a token”

then click the button “Manage Token Lists” ,choose Token and input MatrixETF contract on ETH: 0x1a57367c6194199e5d9aea1ce027431682dfb411

Click Import

Click Import to confirm add token

Choose trade pair to input amount and start trade in Swap

Choose trade pair to add liquidity in Pool

In addition, if you would like to know the details about MDF trade, price and K line etc. on Uniswap, you can visit dextools:

Guideline of MDF on Raydium

Click and Connect the wallet:

Select a token and input MDF contract on Solana: ALQ9KMWjFmxVbew3vMkJj3ypbAKuorSgGst6svCHEe2z

Create the name for this token as MDF

Click “Add Attention”

Confirm the AMM ID of the the pool you wish to trade

Input MDF amount to start trade

Add liquidities


As you can see MDF is as “Unknown Token” in Solana, which you don’t have to worry about it.

We have applied the code and information to Solana, which will take some time for auditing and reviewing. Please keep your patience, we ensure that the update will present on Solana webpage soon.

We have issued MDF on both Solana and ETH chains, if you have the demand of cross-chain transaction, you can deposit or withdraw MDF on on both Solana and ETH:

About MatrixETF

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