MatrixETF Index Trading Campaign

  1. Rewards of holding: 228,000 MDF
  2. Rewards of bug feedback: 50–200MDF for each feedback to be accepted


  1. The holdings will be calculated in the same units of MDI and MSI, for example Alice holds 100 MDI and 100 MSI in the activity period, Bod has 150 MDI and Kate has 180 MSI, the calculation result is as: Alice has 200 holdings, Bob has 150 holdings, Kate has 180 holdings.
  2. As the result of Gas fee on Ethereum is higher than Solana, for having users to experience MDI users, we decided to compensate MDI participants with Gas fees. MDI participants can have the compensation of 22,000MDF in total.
  3. MDI and MSI which are held by users before the campaign will be calculated inside.
  4. MatrixETF won’t calculate our own relevant MDI/MSI in the campaign.

How to participate

Rewards Distribution

About MatrixETF



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