MatrixETF Product Of The First Phase Is Coming

The first phase of MatrixETF has been completed and successfully done the Open Test through 2 months. The functions on the first phase which include ETF operations such as trade, mint and redeem on Solana/Ethereum, as well as the interaction between wallets, inquiry for on chain information etc.

Around the end of Sep or the beginning of October, MatrixETF will officially launch ETFs on Solana and Ethereum mainnets, more products will be launched continually, we will inform the relevant ETF information recently.

About MatrixETF

MatrixETF is the next generation of decentralized ETF platform to run the cross chain,which goal is to establish a decentralized, automated, personalized and diversified portfolio for users, as well as help users easily enjoy long-term, stable and efficient financial services.

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The Next Generation of ETF, Cross Chain Enabled. Website: App:

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The Next Generation of ETF, Cross Chain Enabled. Website: App:

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