MatrixETF Secondary Liquidity & Staking Mining Program

4 min readJan 13, 2022


Since Nov. 22 2021, MatrixETF has started over the value of $400,000(around 5.5M MDF) Liquidity Mining Program on both Ethereum and Solana chains. We are thrilled to announce that until this week, Liquidity Mining Program has successfully ended.

This program was focusing on motivating the users who provided liquidities for platform tokens and crypto Index assets, our objective is to allow users to better understand and be familiar with MatrixETF products, in order to improve the utilities and branding of MatrixETF. In this period, thousands of users were actively participating in Farming & Staking, APR ranged between 141%-799%, Total Value Locked has been up to $500,000! All the participants have benefited from the rich return.

Even through the first Liquidity Mining Program has ended, for keep incentivizing community users and token holders, MatrixETF will start over The Secondary Liquidity Mining Program, which will be executed monthly and include 2 methods:

  • For Liquidity providing: obtain rewards by providing liquidity for MDF(governance token) and ETFs(MDI/MSI/SEI) trading pairs
  • For Staking providing: obtain rewards by locking MDF(governance token) and ETFs(MDI/MSI/SEI)


  1. The Incentive Rewards will be supplied by MatrixETF governance token MDF. Liquidity Mining will be operated on each block, you can withdraw MDF whenever you would like.
  2. MatrixETF Farming Tutorial for reference

The Secondary MatrixETF Liquidity Mining Program will last for one month: start from 8:00 AM 01/13/2022 UTC and end on 02/12/2022. The detailed time will be settled accordingly by internal testnet, probably will be postponed. We will adjust and estimate the plan dependingly.

Rewards of Secondary Liquidity Mining Program:

On Ethereum:

Everyday MatrixETF will distribute 15,000MDF by Liquidity Mining to the users who has provided LPs, which includes MDF/USDT and MDI/USDT;

Everyday MatrixETF will distribute 12,000MDF by Staking to the users who have staked MDF and MDI.

Liquidity Mining LP Rewards Schedule:

Staking Rewards Schedule:

On Solana:

Everyday MatrixETF will distribute 18,000 MDF by Liquidity Mining to the users who have provided LPs, which include MDF/USDC、MSI/USDC and SEI/USDC;

Everyday MatrixETF will distribute 15,000 MDF by Staking to the users who have staked MDF、MSI and SEI.

Liquidity Mining LP Rewards Schedule:

Staking Rewards Schedule:

Notice: please mind your own risks when you participate in Liquidity Mining/Staking:

  • Mind the impermanent loss by Token price fluctuation when you provide liquidity on trading pairs.
  • Mind the Premium/Discount risk of fund net value when you mint an ETF to the basket Token price fluctuation.
  • Mind the slippage risk caused by lack of liquidities on MDF and MDI/MSI trading pairs.
  • Mind the smart contract risk even MatrixETF Farming/Staking function has passed audits by Certik and Quillhash.

What is impermanent loss? CoinMarketCap defines impermanent loss as “the temporary loss of funds occasionally experienced by liquidity providers because of volatility in a trading pair.” To put this into perspective, if you are holding an LP token, and one of the assets depreciates in value in the short term, but gradually returns to the original price, then you would have lost value “impermanently.” Alternatively, if the same asset appreciated in value before reverting to the mean, you would have had “impermanent gains.” These metrics can help liquidity providers balance their portfolios for optimal ratios. For instance, if you think a token will appreciate, and then revert to the mean, you might provide liquidity before it appreciates, just to accumulate the fees for that duration.

About MatrixETF

MatrixETF is the next generation of decentralized ETF platform to run the cross chain,which goal is to establish a decentralized, automated, personalized and diversified portfolio for users, as well as help users easily enjoy long-term, stable and efficient financial services.

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