MatrixETF Secondary Liquidity & Staking Mining Program

  • For Liquidity providing: obtain rewards by providing liquidity for MDF(governance token) and ETFs(MDI/MSI/SEI) trading pairs
  • For Staking providing: obtain rewards by locking MDF(governance token) and ETFs(MDI/MSI/SEI)
  1. The Incentive Rewards will be supplied by MatrixETF governance token MDF. Liquidity Mining will be operated on each block, you can withdraw MDF whenever you would like.
  2. MatrixETF Farming Tutorial for reference

Rewards of Secondary Liquidity Mining Program:

On Ethereum:

On Solana:

  • Mind the impermanent loss by Token price fluctuation when you provide liquidity on trading pairs.
  • Mind the Premium/Discount risk of fund net value when you mint an ETF to the basket Token price fluctuation.
  • Mind the slippage risk caused by lack of liquidities on MDF and MDI/MSI trading pairs.
  • Mind the smart contract risk even MatrixETF Farming/Staking function has passed audits by Certik and Quillhash.

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