Reward Details of MatrixETF Community Ambassador

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Community Ambassador Point and Level Title

  • Earned points can be exchanged to $MDF(MatrixETF Governance Token), which can be exchanged once a week.
  • The exchange ratio of Point and $MDF will be adjusted once 3 months, the initial ratio will be 1 Point=10 MDF
  • Once you have achieved to the specific level title, we will reward you with a specific NFT badge and a specific Level Title badge, you can benefit from certain number of community $MDF distribution
  • Level Title can be upgraded, but if you have not keep the same performance in 3 month after upgraded, your title could be downgraded
  • All Community Ambassadors will start from MatrixETF ArmyⅠ
MatrixETF Community Ambassador Point and Level Title Form
MatrixETF Community Ambassador MDF Consumption Form

Community Ambassador Task Guidance

Community Tasks

1. Enliven Atmosphere

2. Build Community

3. Promote MatrixETF to other communities

Discord Management

1. Discord Management

2. New User Invitation

Marketing Promotion Tasks

1. KOL Announcement

2. Business Development

3. Article Writing

4. Article Translation

5. Video Production

6. Meme Production

Twitter Marketing

Suggestion, Design, Activities, Development Etc.

1. Suggestions

2. Design Creation

3. Organize Activities

4. Cooperative Development

5. Others

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