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We launched MatrixETF Community Ambassador Plan last week, welcoming community volunteers to join MatrixETF development and contribute to the dynamic MatrixETF community.

Application Link:

Since now there are hundreds of community users participating, if you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to join us!

You can make your contributions for MatrixETF in various ways. For standardizing the duties and rewards of MatrixETF Community Ambassador Plan, we decided to complete the relevant rules for better understanding to users.

Community Ambassador Point and Level Title

MatrixETF Community Ambassador Plan will utilize the Point System. If you have accomplished the tasks and gained enough points, you can convert to corresponding Level Title, the specific Level Title will have the right to distribute $MDF in the community.

  • Earned points can be exchanged to $MDF(MatrixETF Governance Token), which can be exchanged once a week.
  • The exchange ratio of Point and $MDF will be adjusted once 3 months, the initial ratio will be 1 Point=10 MDF
  • Once you have achieved to the specific level title, we will reward you with a specific NFT badge and a specific Level Title badge, you can benefit from certain number of community $MDF distribution
  • Level Title can be upgraded, but if you have not keep the same performance in 3 month after upgraded, your title could be downgraded
  • All Community Ambassadors will start from MatrixETF ArmyⅠ
MatrixETF Community Ambassador Point and Level Title Form

The Title of MatrixETF Community Ambassador can be exchanged and upgraded by consuming $MDF. The exchanged MDF can be vested after being locked for 6–12 months.

MatrixETF Community Ambassador MDF Consumption Form

Community Ambassador Task Guidance

Community Tasks

1. Enliven Atmosphere

Task: Enliven MatrixETF Communities and integrate in the community topic discussion, reply to other user’s questions, make contributions for creating a good atmosphere in the community.

Requirement: Communicate in a civilized and rational way, keep active everyday.

Reward: 10–100 points. We will evaluate the performances once a week, the one who performs basically will gain basic points, the one who performs superiorly will gain more points.

2. Build Community

Task: The volunteers who have good community bases, you can apply in MatrixETF Helper for building MatrixETF communities(TG etc.) and ask help from other volunteers.

Requirement: Community Owners will be set up as MatrixETF Helps, community names will be modified by MatrixETF, and the volunteers will be the community moderators. It isn’t allowed to divide members from MatrixETF community to your newly created community.

Reward: Qualified Community(Users>500, active members, less advertisements, fine management) can gain 200–1000 basic points. The new community will be evaluated 1 week after establishing. Activeness is based on the daily chat status of the community, the number and quality of members added every day, the number and quality of community members, and the correlation between topics and MatrixETF. Points are assessed once a week, and 200–1000 active points can be obtained.

3. Promote MatrixETF to other communities

Task: Promote MatrixETF to other qualified blockchain communities, promote MatrixETF value and functions to the potential users, expand awareness of MatrixETF brand.

Requirement: Civilized and friendly communication, please do not push them by force advertisement, better introduce MatrixETF to them at an appropriate time and method. You have to share your chat history and community information to MatrixETF Helper as the evaluation basis.

Reward: 50–200 points, will be calculated on a per time basis. The interaction of the same community of the same day will be counted once, points can be added dependently. You can gain a maximum of 1000 points.

Discord Management

1. Discord Management

Task: Assist in the management of Discord, maintain a civilized and active discussion order, and answer common questions from users.

Requirement: Civilized chat, rational communication, helping others, and having a certain degree of activity every day.

Reward: 100~1000 points, on a weekly basis, volunteers who reach the basic level can get basic points, and those who perform well can get more points.

2. New User Invitation

Task: Invite new users to join MatrixETF Discord and help them better understand MatrixETF products.

Requirement: Invite valid users, do not advertise the party. You can register your own invitation list for efficient assessment.

Reward: 10~100 points, on a weekly basis, a unified evaluation based on the number and quality of invitations, and scores in files.

Marketing Promotion Tasks

1. KOL Announcement

Task: Influential KOLs can introduce MatrixETF to community users by social media such as Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/TikTok etc.

Requirement: Screenshots of positive chat or promotion links to be provided

Reward: 200–1000 points, on frequency basis, points can be gained by their impacts(followers, interaction etc.)

2. Business Development

Task: Community ambassadors who interact well with some big V/KOL, high-quality DeFi and encryption projects, are willing to introduce MatrixETF to them in an appropriate way, and successfully arouse their attention and discussion, and even attract them to participate in MatrixETF’s community ambassador activities , reaching a cooperation intention with MatrixETF, etc.

Requirement: Keep screenshots, private messages and comments of interactions with KOL.

Reward: 200~2000 points, calculated on a per-time basis.

3. Article Writing

Task: Create articles related to MatrixETF or DeFi and ETF to help users better understand and use MatrixETF. It is better if the article can be published to mainstream encrypted media, websites or encrypted community DAO organization.

Requirement: It must be original content, fluent in language, standardized in format, and substantial and reasonable in content.

Reward: 200–2000 points, on article as basis, evaluated according to the content, length, quality of the article, and the influence of the platform on which the article is published.

4. Article Translation

Task: Translate all kinds of documents, and translate MatrixETF documents, Medium articles, materials, etc. into corresponding languages, so that more users in different countries and regions can understand MatrixETF and encrypted ETF. You can choose the source of the article yourself, but you must communicate with the dispatcher in advance to confirm whether it meets the reward conditions.

Requirement: After understanding the original text, accurately express the content of the article in the target language, and submit a bilingual document after the translation is completed to be included in the community knowledge base as the standard.

Reward: 150~1500 points, in units of articles, according to the length, content and quality of the translation.

5. Video Production

Task: Make and edit videos, introduce MatrixETF to the world through Youtube, TikTok, Twitter and other channels. Excellent videos will be used as materials for the promotion of the MatrixETF agreement.

Requirement: The video content needs to convey the brand value and application scope of MatrixETF, with a clear framework and structure.

Reward: 250~2500 points, in units of times. The videos selected as MatrixETF promotional materials will receive additional bonus points.

6. Meme Production

Task: Create Meme and Sticker packs about MatrixETF, and promote them through various social channels.

Requirement: It must be original content, not infringing or illegal content.

Reward: 100–500 points, which are evaluated in the form of weekly Meme contests. Meme with a higher usage rate will receive additional points rewards.

Twitter Marketing

Task: Retweet, Like or Quote MatrixETF relevant tweets(Medium articles, announcements, activities etc.) in Twitter, actively search and retweet encrypted ETF hotspots, interact with DeFi projects and KOLs, provide constructive points and comments.

Requirement: Tweets have to be relevant with MatrixETF and stay active.

Reward: 20–500 points, on a weekly basis. The one who reaches to basic community ambassador can obtain basic points, the one who performs well can obtain additional point rewards.

Suggestion, Design, Activities, Development Etc.

1. Suggestions

Task: If you have any creative ideas of MatrixETF protocol promotion, you can suggest a detailed scheme to brand MatrixETF and improve its capitalization.

Requirement: If you provide a completed scheme adopted by the community, furthermore you lead users to accomplish execution, we will reward you according to your contribution and execution results.

Reward: 50–1000 points, basis of times.

2. Design Creation

Task: To make posters, banners, emoticons or other plane materials for the promotion of MatrixETF.

Requirements: According to clear design requirements, implement design ideas accurately and efficiently, have strong understanding and analysis, and creative design capabilities, and be used by the community for publicity as the standard.

Reward: 100~1000 points, in units of times.

3. Organize Activities

Task: organize community activities for MatrixETF and attract more users to join MatrixETF interaction, in order to improve MatrixETF utilization.

Requirement: A complete event planning plan is required, the content of the plan is organized, and the degree of execution is high, and the effect of the event planning can be tested.

Reward: 200–1000 points, basis of times.

4. Cooperative Development

Task: To expand the application scope and influence of the MatrixETF agreement, increase the activity of community users, and develop more Dapps, tools or peripheral projects.

Requirement: The related development related to the MatrixETF agreement has a high degree of completion, and the code quality is recognized by the MatrixETF core development team as the standard.

Reward: 2000~10000 points, with the project as the basis, according to the degree of completion, complexity and practicality of the project.

5. Others

Task: Other work to expand the application scope of the MatrixETF agreement, increase the users and activity of the MatrixETF community, etc., can be submitted to the MatrixETF assistant to earn points.

Reward: Points are scored accordingly.

Community ambassadors can perform the above tasks repeatedly. I hope that everyone will participate more and contribute more, the more points you will get. In the process of task execution, you need to pay attention to saving related workload and work effect certificates. MatrixETF assistants will allocate points according to the ambassadors’ workload and work results. The more detailed the workload certification provided by the community ambassadors, the more objective and accurate the evaluation results will be.

At present, this plan is still in the trial stage, and will be continuously adjusted and revised according to actual results during the operation process.

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