SEI:Index is based on Solanium Ecosystem

SEI Introduction

SEI Constitutions

SEI Weighting Proportions

Fundamental Weighting Method

  • Token Economic Model
  • Project development
  • Security of protocol
  • Token trade risk
  • Community base

Market Capitalization Weighting Method

Final Weighting Proportion


  • Since there is a block size limitation on Solana, one ETF index can only contain 8 constitutional tokens.
  • This is the initial scheme of Constitutional Token and Market Cap Weighting, we might adjust some parts of SEI in Rebalance according to different project performances.
  • Along with more IDO projects coming in Solanium platform, we will issue the second IDO Index based on Solanium in the future, stay tuned with us.

About Solanium

About MatrixETF



The Next Generation of ETF, Cross Chain Enabled. Website: App:

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