Oct 22, 2021

8 min read

The first Index MatrixETF product based on Solana ecosystem ($MSI) is launched officially

Introduction of Matrix Solana Index

MSI Constitution

MSI Weighting Proportion

  1. SOL: a decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world.
  2. SRM:​​ a protocol for decentralized exchanges.
  3. RAY: on-chain order book automated market maker (AMM) , TVL: $1.77 Billions.
  4. FIDA: on-chain Perpetual swaps, DEX, Name service, Bots.
  5. MNGO: leveraged trading platform, including Spot Margin, Perpetual Futures, Borrow & Lend, etc.
  6. ATLAS: A grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and more.
  7. SLIM: Solana’s IDO & Staking platform.
  8. TULIP: Solana’s Yield Aggregation Homestead, Total Value Locked:$0.794 Billion.

Fundamental Weighting

  • Token Economic Model
  • Project development
  • Security of protocol
  • Token trade risk
  • Community base

Market Capitalization Square Root Weighting

Final Weighting Proportion

MSI Parameter

How to buy MSI

1) Buy MSI ( suitable for a small amount<$3000)

2) MINT $MSI(suitable for big amount ≥$3,000)

How to sell MSI

Redeem fee


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