What are the concepts of MatrixETF Blind Boxes?

Matrix Blind Box

  • Farming NFT
  • ETF Fund NFT
  • Token NFT
  • MatrixETF Souvenir card
  • MatrixETF Gold Membership NFT
  • MatrixPunk
  • Joint Limited Edition NFT

Farming NFT

  • Type:Farming NFT
  • Rarity: N/R/SR/SSR/UR
  • Farming:30% ~ 400%
  • TokenAmont:500 ~ 100,000


  • Type:ETF Fund NFT
  • Denomination:10/20/50/100/200/500/1000

Token NFT

  • Type:Token NFT
  • Denomination:200/500/1000/2000/5000/10000


  • Type:Souvenir
  • We will upgrade this kind of NFT subsequently, Souvenir NFT can combine other NFTs to evolve to the new type NFT.

Gold Membership

  • Participate in internal testnet in priority
  • Gain the limited Edition NFT
  • Rewarded by Token Airdrop
  • Other rights on MatrixETF and in communities
  • Type:Gold Membership
  • DAO:Dao Governance
  • Access:Priority Access


Joint Limited Edition NFT

Future Vision

About MatrixETF



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