What are the concepts of MatrixETF Blind Boxes?

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According to the last article, we have mentioned the system of MatrixNFT which includes NFT collection, NFT rights and NFT rarities etc, the goal is to improve the liquidity and value of MatrixETF products as well as motivate the community members to participate in community contributions, in order to providing rights to users and enriching the crypto ETF ecosystem.

Based on the MatrixNFT system, we have launched a total 48 Genesis NFT Drop including 3 themes as Coding/Rocket/Astronaut and 4 rarity tiers as R/SR/SSR/UR. Who were the lucky winners gaining the Genesis NFTs? They were MatrixETF seed users, community members who have participated in open testnet and few lucky winners.

Along with the crypto NFT market continuing to be popular, we have detailedly analyzed the values and utilities of different kinds of NFTs. After hearing the voice of our users’ feedback, we have designed the totally new concept product: Matrix Blind Box.

Matrix Blind Box

Matrix Blind Box is the initial blind box NFT on MatrixETF, which has creatively combined DeFi Farming, ETF token certificate and Token airdrop with NFT, in order to provide innovative NFT experience and interesting play method to catch value to the users.

Matrix Blind Box is also an equal and reasonable NFT product launched by smart contract. Every batch of Blind Box will contain different kinds of NFTs with different characteristics, rarities and output probabilities, however they will be sold at the same price. We can imagine that some users will gain normal NFTs, some of them will gain ultra rare NFTs. All by random distributions, good luck everyone.

There are several NFTs in Matrix Blind Box now:

  • Farming NFT
  • ETF Fund NFT
  • Token NFT
  • MatrixETF Souvenir card
  • MatrixETF Gold Membership NFT
  • MatrixPunk
  • Joint Limited Edition NFT

Each type of NFT has different attribute information, rarity level and equity certificate etc. We will customize personalized equity gameplay based on the NFT attribute, bringing various experiences and rights to NFT holders.

The following content lists the functions and attributes of different types of NFTs in detail, so that everyone can check and understand the value of NFTs.

Farming NFT

Farming NFT is an agricultural mining NFT launched by MatrixETF, in the subsequent Pool mining and Staking products launched by MatrixETF, those who hold NFTs will gain additional mining efficiency. The mining efficiency of NFT is mainly decided by Farming and Token Amount.

Farming NFT details:

  • Type:Farming NFT
  • Rarity: N/R/SR/SSR/UR
  • Farming:30% ~ 400%
  • TokenAmont:500 ~ 100,000

For example:
If the total amount of Farming is 10,000 MDF/day, which means every day we will distribute 10,000 MDF to the farming participants, in this case the TVL of farming participants is 1,000,000 USDT.

Participant A has provided the proportion as 1/10 equal with 100,000 USDT Farming, at the same time Participant B also has provided the proportion as 1/10 equal with 100,000 USDT Farming. If there is no upgrade by Farming NFT, A and B will gain 1,000 MDF everyday.

Meanwhile if B holds 1 NFT with R rarity, 50% Farming speed and 10,000 Token Amount, which means when B pledges NFT on Farming, his efficiency will be improved by 50%, our system will automatically distribute B with extra rewards: 1,000 * 50% = 500 MDF/day. Compared with before, B will gain 1500 MDF Farming rewards every day.

Notice: we will upgrade the NFT system as: 2 same attribute NFTs can upgrade as a new attribute NFT, 5 NFTs which cannot continue Farming will upgrade as a new NFT which can continue to farm. The parameter setting and process we will update them on the following articles.


ETF Fund NFT is the fund certificate NFT launched by MatrixETF, users who hold this kind of NFT prove they have ETF certificates to exchange the same amount of ETF shares under certain conditions.

ETF Fund NFT details:

  • Type:ETF Fund NFT
  • Denomination:10/20/50/100/200/500/1000

For example:

If MatrixETF launched 2 ETF products: DeFi ETF and GameFi ETF.

User A has gained Fund NFT with denomination 200 by Blind Box, Alan can exchange this NFT to 200 DeFi ETF or 200 GameFi fund shares. Then he burns this Fund NFT to freely trade, redeem and other operations.

Token NFT

Token NFT is the Token equity NFT on MatrixETF, holding this NFT means having Token equity right to exchange to the corresponding amount MDF share.

Token NFT details:

  • Type:Token NFT
  • Denomination:200/500/1000/2000/5000/10000

For example:

MDF is the governance token on MatrixETF.

User A gains the Token NFT with denomination 1,000 by Blind Box, A can exchange this NFT with 1,000 MDF and burn this NFT. The exchanged MDF can freely trade or participate in Pool/Staking incomes.


Souvenir NFT is the commemorative NFT on MatrixETF and certificate which records someone participating in Matrix Blind Box activity.

Souvenir NFT detail:

  • Type:Souvenir
  • We will upgrade this kind of NFT subsequently, Souvenir NFT can combine other NFTs to evolve to the new type NFT.

Gold Membership

Gold Membership NFT is the vip membership NFT on MatrixETF, those who hold this kind of NFT have the rights including:

  • Participate in internal testnet in priority
  • Gain the limited Edition NFT
  • Rewarded by Token Airdrop
  • Other rights on MatrixETF and in communities

Gold Membership details:

  • Type:Gold Membership
  • DAO:Dao Governance
  • Access:Priority Access

We decide to publish a limited edition Gold Membership NFT as total amount 1001 to highlight their identifications. There are 2 ways to gain Gold Membership NFTs which can be chosen by Blind Box or be purchased directly by 100,000 MDF. This kind of function will be launched in the follow-up APP version.


MatrixPunk is a unique Punk collection with a 10000 amount to pay tribute to CryptoPunk. If you hold this kind of NFT, which means you are one of the members of MatrixPunk who have the rights such as product internal testnet and airdrop etc.

Joint Limited Edition NFT

Limited Edition NFT is a limited edition NFT co-launched by MatrixETF and partners, which is a representative certificate to participate in the activities held by MatrixETF and partners, this kind of NFT is with huge historical significance and collective attribute.

Future Vision

Matrix Blind Box product is a significant step of MatrixETF getting into NFT, we believe that our platform and community will bring rich NFT experience and value for users. In the beginning Matrix Blind Box will issue 200 NFT, which are planned to be launched in the next few days. Please stay tuned with us!

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